Automator for Instagram™ is offers a collection of frequently used action bundles that help you put your IG account in front the desired audience. It also helps you maintain and improve engagement on the platform.

Auto-pilot Likes. Never worry about engagement again.

Introduce your brand by giving a targeted audience a constant stream of likes, putting your brand right in front of them.

  • ☑️ Like your own home feed.
  • ☑️ Like any user's posts.
  • ️☑️ Like any user's likers' posts.
  • ☑️️ Like any user's commenters' posts.
  • ☑️️ Like any user's followers' posts.
  • ☑️️ Like any user's followings' posts.
  • ☑️️ Like any post's likers' posts.
  • ☑️️ Like any post's commenters' posts.
  • ☑️️ Like any tag's posts.
  • ☑️️ Like posts by any tag's post likers.
  • ☑️️ Like posts by any tag's post commenters.
  • ☑️️ Like any location's posts.
  • ☑️️ Like posts by any location's post likers.
  • ☑️️ Like posts by any location's post commenters.

Auto-pilot Follows. See for yourself.

Convert people to your fans by first following them. Similar to auto-piloting Likes, you can use filters to weed out the unwanted users.

  • ☑️ Follow my own followers.
  • ☑️ Follow any user's followers.
  • ☑️ Follow any user's followings.
  • ☑️ Follow any user's post likers.
  • ☑️ Follow any user's post commenters.
  • ☑️ Follow any post's likers.
  • ☑️ Follow any post's commenters.
  • ☑️ Follow any tag's post authors.
  • ☑️ Follow any tag's post likers.
  • ☑️ Follow any tag's post commenters.
  • ☑️ Follow any location's post authors.
  • ☑️ Follow any location's post likers.
  • ☑️ Follow any location's post commenters.

Auto-pilot Unfollows. Cleanse.

We all only have 7500 slots, so use them wisely by unfollowing those who are not active or not following you back.

Filters. Secret weapon of mass planning.

Glean the properties of posts and users, and mix and match filters to for desired results.

Filtering posts
  • ☑️ by like count
  • ☑️ by comment count
  • ☑️ by publish time relative to now
  • ☑️ by whether you're following post author
  • ☑️ by whether post author is following me
  • ☑️ by post author blacklist
  • ☑️ by post caption keyword blacklist/whitelist

Filtering users
  • ☑️ by followers count
  • ☑️ by following count
  • ☑️ by post count
  • ☑️ by username
  • ☑️ by keywords in bio
  • ☑️ by whether there is URL in bio
  • ☑️ by whether user is following me
  • ☑️ by whether user is private
  • ☑️ by whether user is verified

Straightforwardness. Turns out, the simplest UI is the safest.

Automator for Instagram™ has a minimal footprint, so it's less intrusive. Browse instagram.com as usual and use Shortcuts to automate tasks.